Northern Lights Blackpool

The future of Blackpool's Promenade

Northern Lights Blackpool are intended to be an all year round addition to Blackpool Illuminations.

Blackpool's promenade is changing beyond your imagination! From a straight stretch of pavement with an uninspiring railing to a mystical world of five kingdoms. The project started construction in 2005 and the new headlands are due for completion in 2009. This will see over 3km of access to the beach in the form of 'spanish steps'. With the addition of the steps, six headlands are being created.

These six headlands will be known as 'The Peoples Playground'. They will house the latest in high tech lighting that will become 'The Northern Lights' These lights will create a dazling optical display that will be visible on the M6 motorway some 15 miles from Blackpool.

The six headlands will be modeled on fantasy dunes. As dusk approaches the dunes will transform to form a constantly changing spectacular aerial light show from the promenade to the clouds. The Northern Lights will eminate from dunes which will be themed as fantasy kingdoms.

Along with the Northern Lights these headlands will become a wonderful place to come and spend a few hours of fun. The headlands will create five fantasy kingdoms. The kingdoms are to be known as Crewbark, Letman, Ttolba, Blemo Fido, and Lora Weto. More details of the Northern Lights kingdoms can be found from the left hand menu.

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